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Sport Fishing In Costa Rica

Costa Rica has some of the best deep-sea and coastal fishing spots in the world. Along both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Coasts, fishing is a favorite pastime for many locals and visitors alike. More than one world record catch has been made on both shores while river fishing is gaining growing popularity too. So, whether you are on the coast or inland, Costa Rica has a fishing spot and lots of types of fish to be angled surrounded by immense beauty and expert guides. 

The Central Pacific coast is a Costa Rica sportfishing hotspot that attracts avid anglers from all over the world. The Central Pacific caters to them with a wide variety of fishing boats for half and full-day tours in the company of expert captains and their hardy crews for the keen fisherfolk.  The coastal and deep waters of the Central Pacific are their backyards, so these seafarers are on top of the best fishing spots for the day.

Come prepared to fight for the ultimate angler´s dream catch for the full-day tours.  Sailfish, Marlin, Mahi-Mahi, Yellowfin Tuna, and Wahoo are on the potential fishing menu, and what a day it could be. This tour is 8 hours of fun on the water; exploring the best fishing spots for that day is an authentic Costa Rica sportfishing adventure.

With its beaches, rock formations, and cliffs, the coastline is perfect for fishing Roosterfish, Snapper, and Mackerel for the half-day tours. The Central Pacific coastline is a place of abundance of local species and spectacular landscapes.  Lasting about 4 hours, this Costa Rica sportfishing experience is packed with fun.

Twona Friends offers inshore and deep-sea fishing in Jaco, Costa Rica, during your stay in the Central Pacific. With a first-class fleet of fishing vessels, expert local captains and crew, and quality onboard service, fishing is their expertise, so charter your sportfishing boat and get some angling in during your stay.

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