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The Central Pacific is Leisure

The Central Pacific is a beach lovers’ paradise for the sun and surfer enthusiasts! An easy drive along the coastline exploring and checking out the surf beaches, the deserted beaches, famous beaches, and the locals’ favorite beaches. Each one has its personality and vibe, and at times you will feel the exquisite sense of the whole beach to yourself. If the ocean is your choice of the day, lay back on a catamaran ride that glides along the coast, treating you to spectacular views of the shoreline, its rocky headlands and islands, and the diversity of marine and coastal wildlife. Of course, you can snorkel too or just relax with a tropical cocktail and absorb sun-producing Vitamin D.

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The Central Pacific is vibrant.

The seaside towns and resorts of the Central Pacific of Costa Rica are full of little open-air shops, bars, cafes, and restaurants where seafood lovers will delight themselves in fresh catches of the day, all day, every day. The diversity of delicious eateries, the laid-back vibe, and the fresh sea breezes are the perfect ingredients to quench your thirst with a local, ice-cold beer or green smoothie and savor the homegrown flavors and fusions.
Because of its unique traits, including proximity to the capital city, an international vibe, being on the beach, and being a popular tourist destination, it is inevitable and energizing that Jaco and the surrounding seaside towns are part of an ever-growing art and culture movement.

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The Central Pacific is located

The Central Pacific of Costa Rica is just under two hours from the Central Valley and an hour to the Santamaria International Airport

Central Pacific of Costa Rica

The Central Pacific of Costa Rica is a stretch of coast that stretches from the Tarcoles River to the town of Dominical.

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